Description of Competition

Background and Objectives

The holy Ganges River empties into the Bay of Bengal, in the southern part of Bangladesh. Here the river forms what is known as the Sunderban Delta, the largest delta in the world. People living in this vast low-lying area make their livings by fishing and farming. Cyclones (the hurricane or the typhoon) are constant raiders here, and many human lives and assets are regularly lost to storm, floods and tidal surge. People who cannot afford to move away to safer place suffer constant disaster from these cyclones.

In November 2007, the cyclone “CIDR” attacked Bangladesh and heavily damaged the country. The Bangladesh branch of Service Civil International (SCI) began relief activities immediately after the disaster. In the following year, SCI Bangladesh organized a field survey team in cooperation with SCI Japan to investigate the ongoing needs of residents of the Delta. The report of the investigation indicates that the most practical and urgent need is the construction of cyclone shelters that people can use to escape the storms and their effects.

This competition asks you to propose a design for a cyclone shelter that will serve as a refuge, saving lives and other assets from cyclones and their aftermath. When there is no emergency, the shelter will also serve as educational facility, a play area for children and a community hall for local villagers. In this way, the project is both a robust shelter and an open invitation to community interaction.

The selection process consists of two phases. Designers selected through the first phase will be provided an opportunity to visit the project site to become familiar with local climate, culture and traditions by living in local area for few days. They will then be requested to propose a more detailed conceptual design which more specifically promotes community activities in the area.

Procedure of the Competition and Construction of the Proposed Design

This competition consists of two phases. The designer (or team of designers) who is selected at 2nd phase (preliminary design) selection will be asked to proceed to final design for the construction.

Solicitation and Registration of Design Entrants

This design competition will be announced and published on the internet and other media. Actual registration is on the internet.

Phase I (1st selection)

Based on the design requirements provided by the organizer, design entrants shall propose and prepare conceptual design.

Phase II (2nd selection)

The designers selected for 1st phase shall be provided opportunity to visit and stay in the project area for few days to get familiar with local culture and architectural practice. Through communication with local people, the designers shall verify the requirements and shall complete preliminary design.

Preparation of final design drawings.

The designer (or team of designers) selected for 2nd phase will enter a contract with the organizer for preparation of final design for the construction. The designer (or team of designers) may be required to work jointly with Bangladesh architects/ engineers to produce final design documents complying with local codes/ requirements.

Construction supervision.

Though the architect (or team of designers) is not required to supervise the construction, it may be expected to cooperate with the construction supervisor and with the organizer.