Cyclone Relief Rehabilitation Project

Service Civil International-Bangladesh (SCI-Bangladesh) and Service Civil International-Japan (SCI-Japan) have s built a close relationship since the relief activities taken place after the cyclone disaster in Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in 1970. A lot of volunteers participated in workcamps organized by SCI-Bangladesh. We can find the roads constructed with joint efforts at Moudubi, Barisal Districti in the southern area even now.

However, unfortunately, volunteer placements from Japan ceased for a while though SCI-Japan has been always exploring the opportunities of exchanging with any Asian branches as a principal policy.

“ “SIDR””, the biggest cyclone in the Bangladesh history revived our ties in November, 2007. The damages were reported as follows:

SCI-Bangladesh was swift enough in action at the disaster area organizing 2 workcamps for rehabilitation in December, 2007 and in February, 2008. The volunteers from all over the world worked together building houses and toilets, 3 from Japan, Shoji Kageyama, Tomonao Hagiwara and Jun Yasuda were found among them and this turned out to be the first step of this joint project.

When Shoji Osada had applied for an LTV placement last June, SCI-Japan requested the Asian branches to kindly accept him. SCI-Bangladesh gave a prompt feedback and a proposal for the joint project was made including a preliminary survey program for need analysis. SCI-Bangladesh suggested Rangabali in the south to be a research field, one of the seriously damaged areas.

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