Competition Result -Phase 1

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General comments by juries are shown at bottom.

Concept Design (Phase I) Winners

  No. 005
Shigeki Maeda (Japan)
  No. 033
Lindsay Bremner (USA/ S.Africa)
  No. 038
Mark Schlientz (USA)
  No. 042
Paul Mikatoa (New Zealand)
  No. 101 (Architecture Student)
Katsushige Tanaka (Japan)



Other Entries

No. 001
Akira Sakata
  No. 002
Pierluigi Serraino
  No. 003
Tsuyoshi Kanyama
  No. 004
Floor T
No. 010
Takashi Uzawa
  No. 011
Kazuya Morita
  No. 015
Tomoyasu Kawakubo
  No. 018
Manabu Tarutani
No. 021
Akio Hayakawa
  No. 022
(Anonymous Requested)
  No. 023
Motonori Inagaki
  No. 025
Yuki Tamura
No. 026
Jun Aizaki
  No. 027
Shinichi Ishikawa
  No. 028
Gustavo Carmona
  No. 029
Eiki Asada
No. 030
Noboru Ushigome
  No. 031
Kenichi Wakasugi
  No. 034
Andrea Damarell
  No. 035
Satoru Ito
No. 037
Kentaro Takeguchi
  No. 041
Valeri Gyurov
  No. 046
Yoshihisa Oyabu
  No. 047
John Lin
No. 048
Shinji Ikada
  No. 052
Takeshi Shikauchi
  No. 053
Hideyuki Yamashita
  No. 054
Juan Ramon
No. 103
  No. 113
Masashi Nishikawa
  No. 115
Lo Hui-Yuan

General Comments by Juries

The jury commends the entrants for their impressive and extremely competent efforts. The competitors demonstrate their profound commitment to the goal of providing exemplary cyclone shelters. The range of approaches reveal the serious searching and innovative efforts necessary to address a challenging problem. We extend our thanks and congratulations to all who entered.


The specific objectives of this competition is to design a cyclone shelter which stands against sever storm and to include site visit during second phase selection. Because of these requirement for this competition, designers are found highly motivated and innovative to incorporate requirements into their design.

Primary requirement for the proposed building is to protect people from the natural disaster as a cyclone shelter. If we consider the primary function only, building might be a kind of enclosure with elevated floor which is the same as most of existing shelters.

This competition expects designers to create open space to be used for normal function which is contradicting enclosure. My concern was how the designers took these contradicting requirements into architectural solution.

There are characteristic solutions in selected 5 proposals and I expect the outcome from second phase competition with further development in their design.

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