Project Update

September, 2014

Following the competition which was successfully completed with participation and support by many architects, the project turns to the realization of the selected design on the project site. But the collected fund is not reached to targeted amount yet. However, in order to meet the expectation of people who are anticipating the shelter, we decided to reduce the size of the building almost to half to make it possible to start construction.

Moreover, although it was assumed that a shelter was used as a school in usual time at the begining, grant from Rotary International shall be given for the promotion program of “Maternity and Child Health”. And then, rotary clubs in Japan, Taiwan and Bangladesh have offered to contribute a part of construction cost.

The project is now to start construction of “Cyclone Shelter cum Medical Facility” for promotion of maternity and child health program.

Profile of the winner:  The first prize winner, Shigeki Maeda, architect

1998    Architect’s Diploma of Osaka university.
2000   Master school at Tokyo national university of music and fine arts.
2000 – 2008   Dominique Perraut Architecture.
2008   Established “SHIGEKI MAEDA ARCHITECT”
2010   Established “GEO-GRAPHIC DESIGN LAB.”
2014   Associate Professor

Site visit and presentation to loocal community

The final selection (the second round review) result was published on website at the end of July, 2011, the first prize award winner was commended followed in September, and Bangladesh cyclone shelter international design competition was finished.

The selected design of the competition is to be incorporated into the final construction design by Shigeki Maeda, whom we awarded design contract for the final drawings.

At present, sufficient construction fund required for the construction has not met yet. We will continue keeping fund raising from various sources.

Although the proposed main structural material was not specified in requirement of the competition, reinforced concrte (RC) structure seemed to be costly than locally available material. Because of fund availability, we happened to consider use of bamboo as structural material which might be familiar to the local ppeople.

However, it was the pupose to make the best proposal of a competition into a construction project. For securing safety as an evacuation facility and conforming to the Bangladesh National Building Code, it becomes clear that a cyclone shelter has to be of RC structure.

Maeda with volunteers who support this project visited the construction site at Rangabali, Bangkadesh, to conduct field survey for preparation of working drawing. He also brought scale model of the shelter for a presentation to local community.

Based on information obtained during this visit, we confirmed that, in usual case, the building shall serve as a medical facility. Rangabali is located in the southernmost tip in Bangladesh, nearby medical facilities are located about 40 km away from Rangabali, and it it clarified by the field survey that medical facility is most needed. The means of transportation which serves to carry patients to nearby medical facility is a boat, and it takes 6 to 7 hours. Many people are suffering from various systemic illnesses. Regarding health care, they have received neither fundamental cautions nor health education. Although the clinicrun by the Bangladesh government was located in the area, it is not found that the clinic was open or not.

Therefore, the rights to receive a fundamental examination and medical examination for about 85,000 inhabitants in Rangabali and adjacent area, has been disregarded. If  this community medical center is constructed, it is expected that about 85,000 inhabitants who live in the area of Galachipa county receive a benefit directly by this medical center.

Four years have passed since SCIdecided to construct a cyclone shelter at Rangabali, and six years hav passed since suffering a calamity of SIDR in 2007 (huge cycione).

We would appreciate your continuous support who is visiting this website for fund raising of the construction.

SCI Bangladesh
SCI Japan

To view site visit photos:

Result of the final selection

To view final design gallery, click here

Dear all,

Cordial greetings!

We are happy to announce the final result of our International Design Competition for the multipurpose Cyclone relief shelter at Rangabali, Galachipa under Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. All five designs are excellent and all the jurors express that it would have been nice to select all the design and implement all the five to build the cyclone shelter. But as per the rules of the competition we have to select one. Accordingly all jurors put all the effort to select one.

Process of the selection:

All five designs along with report send to all jurors for 1st round assessment. After the 1st round assessment all jurors share and exchange their comments and remarks on the design. After considering all the comments and score on all the designs the final assessment arrives in following manner. On behalf of the all jurors I am announcing the final result here in below.

Entry No.    Total Score        Remarks
005               22                      1st position
033               14                      3rd position
038               17                     2nd position
042                 9                       5th position
101               11                      4th position (student entry)

This little note brings the warmest THANK YOU that greetings can express to tell that the kind contribution of all the architects in final round and all the jurors of the international design competition programme for the multipurpose cyclone relief shelter for victim of the cyclone affected people of the coastal area of Bangladesh which brought us much happiness and help. We strongly believe that your kind contribution change a lives of the cyclone affected people of Bangladesh.

We are offering you our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for your kind thoughtfulness, understanding and ever ready to help us whatever possible way you can this humanitarian interest, love and care really touched our heart. We all are the members in the great family of God no matter which nation, religion we belong to.

Again we offer our sincere thanks for your good-hearted cooperation. It is indeed a noble developmental cause that you have upheld through your kind contribution.

May God shower His choicest blessings on you and your family!
With best wishes and personal regards!

Yours sincerely,
Sharifuzzaman Parag
On behalf of the Jurors and
National Secretary of SCI Bangladesh

The final designs are being reviewed

Proposed final designs for the cyclone shelter were submitted by the selected 5 designers. Designs have been modified and developed after visiting the site to meet local requirement.

The 5 jurors, including Ms. Lailun Nahar Ekram who is appointed as the successor to Mr. Taju Choudhury, are now reviewing submitted design documents.

It is scheduled to announce final result of screening for the 1st prize designer by the end of July.

Site visit was finished

The site visit by the selected architects and architecture students was conducted from 20 to 27 March. All participants were very pleased with the arrangement of the visit and friendly hospitality provided by Bangladesh branch of SCI. It seems that designers are deeply impressed with this experience of meeting local people and context of the project site. The final designs are to be submitted by the end of May, 2011 and the first prize winner will be announced by the end of July.

To view photo pictures, click here
(Updated on 19 April, 2011)

Result of Concept Design Selection

Following 5 entries are selected as concept design award winners among 36 submitted designs.

To view winning designs, click here.

Registration No. 005 Shigeki Maeda (Japan)
033 Bremner (S. Africa)
038 Mark Schlientz (USA)
042 Paul Mikatoa (New Zealand)
101 Katsushige Tanaka – student entry(Japan)

Five winning designers including 4 professional architects and 1 architecture student are going to Bangladesh to visit the proposed construction site from March 19 to 27 to verify the existing site and to get familiar with local condition. They also visit the local government office to collect engineering information necessary to complete the final design. They are scheduled to submit final design by the end of May.

Closed Design Submission

Submission of design proposal was closed on January 15.
We have received total of 36 proposals which are of “tour de force” from around the world.

We are grateful to all designers for their submission.

All proposals are so designed as to provide safe evacuation, pleasant classrooms, gathering spaces for the community, and as well as considered environment and local conditions.

Don’t miss the announcement of the selection result and the open all design proposals scheduled at the beginning of February.

Announcement of the registration

Registration result

We have closed the registration of entry for the international design competition for a cyclone shelter in Bangladesh on 10th November. Followings are the summary of entries.

Total number of entries; 68
Total number of nationalities / countries 17
Total number of team members to join 162

We are grateful to all participants and encouraged by those who shared our concern and responded to our request from all over the world.

We will keep you updating the project progress this website. We appreciate your continuous support to this project. Thank you.

Design Competition Requirements

1. The name of this Design Competition:

International Design Competition for a Cyclone Shelter in Bangladesh.

2. Registration:

Applicants shall fill Registration Form describing “International Design Competion for a Cyclone Shelter in Bangladesh” in
the message box and send to Atelier PAX by 10 November 2010 (revised) in Japan time.

For Architecture Students

Students of architecture are invited to enter the competition in their own category to be judged at the same time as the
entries for architects. Student entries are subject to the same requirements, parameters, registration requirements and
deadlines as the professional competition.

Students may enter individually or as teams, and may produce the competition entry either independently or as a project
in an academic studio.

After confirmation of registration, we will send a registration number by e-mail. Please be sure to show registration number
only when making questions/ inquiries and when submitting design documents.

3. Schedule:

The 1st stage <International Design Competition>

Start registration
20 September 2010. – Closed.

Deadline of registration
10 November 2010.(revised)
Registrants shall be notified registration number. – Closed.

Question and Answer
Questionnaire deadline. 20 November 2010.(revised)
Answers to be delivered. By 30 November 2010 (revised) on web site. – Closed.

Deadline for concept design (phase I) submission.
15 January 2011. (revised) Design review for concept design
End of January 2011 (revised) – Closed.
Announce the result of review and 5 winners of entrants on web site in early
February 2011. (revised)

Minimum 2 winners shall be student entries out of 5 winners.

Site visit and stay by 5 concept design winners in end of March 2011 (revised), which is sponsored by the organizer of the

Deadline for preliminary design (phase II) submission.
31 May 2011. (revised)

Design review for preliminary design.
Middle of June 2011. (revised) Announce the result of review and 1 final prize winner on web site in late June

The 2nd stage <Construction of Shelter>

Hereafter, schedule is shown as guide only.

September 2011 The final winner is to start working with Bangladesh A/E to prepare working design documents.

October 2011 Completion of working design documents.

December 2011 Selection of the construction contractor.

January 2012 Start construction.

March 2013 Completion of the construction.

4. Design Conditions:

Project location: Ranggabali, Patauakhali, Bangladesh. (see location maps)

Site property:: Site area 3,600m²
Usable area 2,000m²

Building usage: In an emergency Shelter
In no emergency Classroom, community hall, medical clinic.

Floor area: 680m² (+/- 10%)
Pilotis (if designed) is included in floor area.
Covered balcony/corridor (if designed) is included in floor area.

Required rooms: Hall/Classroom(s) may be divided into 2 to 4 rooms,
Stair(s)/Stair case(s) as necessary,
Other room as necessary.

Structural material/system:
Reinforced concrete structure is preferred but not limited.

Building utilities: Electricity and water supply are not available but electricity may be available in future by public power
supply or individual solar system. For solid waste disposal, a septic tank shall be installed within site by
the contractor option.

Special consideration: (revised)
1) Local condition and requirement to be verified during site visit.
2) Construction budget is 12,560,000-Tk including tube-well, septic tank. Designer shall design a cyclone shelter which
construction cost should not exceed above mentioned budget. If the winning design exceeds the budget, the
designer shall revise submitted design to meet the budget.

5. Design documents to be submitted: (Up-dated for Preliminary Design Submission)

Drawing size: A-2 (594mm x 420mm)

Maximum number of drawing sheets.
10 sheets

Required drawings (all notes and labels are in English and unit of measurement shall be metric):

Site layout plan scale 1/400

Floor plans scale 1/200 or larger

Exterior elevations (2 elevations or more) scale 1/200 or larger

Building Sections (2 sections or more) scale 1/200 or larger
To show structural system.

Typical wall section(s) scale 1/40 or larger
To show partial structural system as well as finishes.

Exterior perspective(s)

Exterior and interior finish schedules Typical building elements only for exterior finishes.
Hall(classroom/meeting room/clinic) only for interior

Description/Illustration of Design Concept The types of illustrations drawings are to be decided by the

Delivery of submittals:

All submittal documents prepared in CAD format and in any document format are to be converted to PDF
format and send them to atelier PAX at as attachment.

6. Prizes:

Concept design award 5 entries Winners are provided with expenses for site visit and stay.

Preliminary design award 1 entry ¥300,000-
(Final design award to be selected among 5 concept design award winners)

7. Juries:

Mr. Taju Choudhry, a juror of the competition passed away this March having been hospitalized since last autumn. We appreciate his dedication to the competition and would like to express our condolence for his demise.
For the final design selection, we announce that we have invited Ms. Lailun Nahar Ekram to take the place of late Mr. Choudhury.

Lailun Nahar Ekram: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rod Henmi: California, USA

Lisa Findley: California, USA
Professor of Architecture

Hiroshi Kameda: Tokyo, Japan

Parag Sharifuzzaman: Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Chair of Jury